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I grew up in a small village outside Stirling and have always had a love for the hills, the woods and the animals that surrounded it. In the hope that these environments will be there in the future, I want to try and make a difference today by producing work that is sustainable, traceable, local and natural but also aesthetic, unforgettable and purposeful.


As a result I decided to marry my love of creating furniture with my desire to recycle and reuse what I can I opened 


Wood Art Ltd

A truly unique company


At Wood Art we’re not just “IN TO WOOD” we’re Furniture makers , timber millers ,  cabinet makers , barn builders , cabin creators, sculptors , artists , lovers of woodlands and everything else you can imagine in the realms of forest creations. 


At Wood Art we search the forests and wee hidden glens for fallen or dead standing trees left to us by nature . We pluck these from the forest with a minimal presence and conservational approach leaving the minimal amount of impact on the ground and nothing but sawdust at our heals.


After collecting the wood we start a process that takes 3 years. To begin with we take the  timber in it’s log form back to our yard where we process the wood into all manner of shapes and sizes. Then we season for two or more years, the wood is then kiln dried so we can create stunning and unique furniture. We work on the wood all the way through the process from the forest to our showroom. We can then deliver it to your home to its final resting place.

IMG_3892 Med Res.jpeg
Dave MacKay Portrait.jpg

We feel like the furniture we make has given the tree a new life, inside of wasting away.  


In our path threw the wood land we have also found ourselves creating a range of truly unique architectural wooden cabins we call CONCAVES. These stunning buildings offer a truly unique style and a natural feel like no other. Constructed in a unique and creative fashion from locally  sourced Scottish timber.


We also produce a range of hardwoods for you to use for your own projects or building requirements. We offer hardwoods of almost any size and a large range of species for shelves coffee tables dining tables cabinet making and all manners of furniture construction. 


We also mill an extensive selection of larch soft wood for Cladding and building timbers for the production of garages tiny houses man caves sheds and house builds.

If you love wood you have found the last place you will ever need to find.

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